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In front of the Moroccan butcher shop, where ritually slaughtered halal meat is sold and thus permissible according to Islamic law, veiled women wearing caftans chat in their native language with young girls wearing mini-skirts and tube tops.Munoz says that "Islam came with the tea." She wanted to try out old recipes from al-Andalus in her tea salon, al-Sirat.Von dort holte sie der SPIEGEL 1985 ins Auslandsressort.

In the evenings, she's joined by her friend Hassan, 24, a law student from the Spanish exclave of Melilla.

Back then, many customers and neighbors showed an interest for Bougrini's religion and his Spanish wife Kuraiba.

"Now people say nothing and call Islam the religion of the mentally disturbed," she says.

In 1988, the successful tea shop owner converted to Islam and now calls herself Laila Nuria, which translates as "illuminated night." Islam allowed Kuraiba and Laila to escape the dreariness of the Franco era and come to terms with their own roots, which they found in the culture of al-Andalus.

"Here we are picking up again where we left off in 1492," says Laila with enthusiasm as she enjoys a hot cup of tea that wafts scents of roses, jasmine and orange blossoms.

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