Validating an ip address in a bash script

Rails was not built in a day and it will be the same for a good microservice framework, there is some amazing stuff on the horizon but the key will be mass adoption and contribution.

Take a look at handlers/and handlers/health_for an example of use, the initial graph creation takes place in the main startup method.

It all became a little unmanageable by the time I had finished the second service, I had also learned a lot.

Thats when I first built go-microservice-template this worked really well for a while but I found that whilst it was fine to add the new learnings to the template it was a total pain to update existing services.

Assuming your GOPATH is set correctly to get a copy of the template on your local computer and you have Ruby 2.x you need two gems installed: This will install the two gems into your gem cache, to generate your service you simply execute following command (obviously changing the paths unless your github user is nicholasjackson in which case you will be me).

The service should be ready to build and deploy, complete with a couple of example endpoints, unit and functional tests.

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Time for split, go-microservice-template was put out to pasture and the build and test framework was split out into a separate Rubygem called Minke.

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