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It allows you to mount a backup stored in your USB device or in the internal hdd as a virtual Blue-Ray using 4 differents UI : "List", "Grid", "XMB" and "Flow". - "GX" config files from '[Mana Gun Z Path]/USRDIR/sys/CONFIG/GX'. - "SOFT" config files from '[Mana Gun Z Path]/USRDIR/sys/CONFIG/SOFT'. - "CURRENT" config files from '[You PS2 Backup Path]. If it's not a match the command ID on your screen will be displayed in red.Release Thread: This is the initial release, but it is intended to be an "AIO backup manager". [EDIT] Once it's loaded, you'll be able to ADD or REMOVE a command ID.Always check hashes (they are listed for a reason on ps3devwiki)!And always remove media from the console (BDdrive, memorycards etc) to prevent it from updating THAT firmware PUP instead of the intended one on us B stick.

Obtaining and installing such a software is out of the scope of this document. Installing ========== From a computer, download the installable package of the PS3 port from Scumm VM's main site. Configuring and playing games ============================= The user manual describes how to add games to Scumm VM and launch them : Play Station 3 Specifics ======================= Games can be launched either from an USB drive or from the internal hard drive.It will give you those features : Features: - Compatibility with console CEX / DEX / SEX. -SPRX will be injected into vsh process, therefore they will be runned at every moment(even during a game).- Debug non-fself & fself in real time (for example can be debugged in rte, or any game with non debug eboot) - Debugging kernel in real time (and lv2_lv1.self). -Deank made a cool FTP server sprx, that you can load into VSH, so you have a ftp even while you're playing a game. Or use web MAN 1.43 for CCAPI, How to install CCAPI? - Peek / Poke LV1 and LV2 - Set Console ID at anytime/anywhere - Changing LED. All of the sprx that are present in this folder, will be loaded at ps3 boot. Control Console API 2.80 REV1 by Enstone -------------------------------------------- Current version : 2.80rev1 Supported Firmwares: ------------------------ CFW 4.21,4.30,4.40,4.41,4.46,4.50,4.53,4.55,4.60,4.65,4.66,4.70,4.75,4.76,4.78, 4.80,4.81 CEX or DEX,4.82 CEX VSH module loading: ------------------------ VSH module loading: - create a directory in your /dev_usb000/ called "plugins" and put all your sprx plugins into, it should be /dev_usb000/plugins/prx_name1/dev_usb000/plugins/prx_name2....

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------------------------------------------------------------------------------ v0.9.8.4 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ * [NEStopia] Famicom Disk System support.

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