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Power Sync16 has 16 digitally coded channels available so you can even work at events with other photographers without flash or radio interference.You can trigger as many flashes or cameras as you like from one transmitter, as long as they're all on the same frequency and have this Power Sync16 DC or optional AC receiver.Although a house-elf may rarely act without permission, they would have to punish themselves for these acts.It is implied that with a wand and the proper knowledge, a house-elf may be able to do other magic, as Winky was falsely accused of using the Morsmordre spell to conjure the Dark Mark.The Power Sync16 system is not designed to perform in TTL mode with flash units - camera and flash must be set to Manual Mode.

More than just a mere housekeeper, a house-elf is a ruthless protector of those to whom they give their allegiance.Kreacher, still reluctant to be owned by Harry, was unable to find a loophole in the orders about contacting Draco, but instead merely told Harry only about Draco's mundane daily activities."Kreacher is what he has been made by wizards, Harry. His existence has been as miserable as your friend Dobby's.Flash sync speeds of up to 1/250 second are possible with Power Sync16.The transmitter operates on one 3V CR2450 battery, and the receiver uses 2x AA batteries (included).

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He was forced to do Sirius's bidding, because Sirius was the last of the family to which he was enslaved, but he felt no true loyalty to him.

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