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Just ask me and i will make your more deep fantasy I dream having sex in an roller coaster and feel how all the speed make me get a big orgams Turn me on a horny guy ready for action and for make me do crazy things in my hot a community driven, developer focused, one-day conference hosted annually.Rouan will also cover diagnostic tools that can help you figure out what went wrong, talk about how your team could approach issues, and explain the possibility of creating self-healing mechanisms.Lastly, he’ll chat about what you need to ship a fix fast and how the right production monitoring can even help you write less code.

If you wanted to scale cost-effictivley, that meant you’d have to use someone else’s platform, which meant you lost some control.

If you need more processing, you can then offload those to ‘hosted functions’ like AWS Lambda, Azure Functions or the like.

In this talk I’ll walk through the details of the JAMStack, creation of a site, how to deploy one and building in features like search and more complex functionality.

After attending the talk, you’ll see that production issues are learning opportunities.

You’ll be ready to spot them, understand them and use them to build better software. He has built applications in a variety of technology stacks for companies in the financial services, education, health and media sectors.

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