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And that sometimes puts him at loggerheads with other characters as well.

In some ways, I think the writers have brought him in to rustle a few feathers and to purposefully be a point of contention. He's just there to do his job, and he doesn't really care too much. In another couple of episodes, we start to learn a little bit more about the fact they do have a shared background, and that at one time - ooo, I'm not allowed to say.

For me, it’s a no brainer, that’s what is expected. I had this small part as a street kid, and I fell in love with the idea of all these people working together toward this one goal. I see people like Javier Bardem, who works a lot in Spanish films then he [stars] in the ultra-American blockbuster film. At the last minute Jesse and another African American sprinter Ralph Metcalfe replaced them because of Hitler [not allowing any Jewish participants.]H! I did the 400 meter relay for him as fast as I could. : Going back to, what did you do when you found out you were going to be a series regular? It was sort of like a confirmation of all the choices that I’ve made.

I’m very lucky, I was raised very well with a good head on my shoulders, and I know why I came here. I want to contribute to the next generation of great actors in this world, so it’s just great to sort of hear you’re doing everything right. Everyone had their own role but everyone is equally important; it’s very collaborative. To go back to your roots working with these incredible independent filmmakers, speaking your native tongue in your native land – that for me is sort of the dream. What was it like being a part of this cast that also stars Jason Sudeikis and Stephen James. It’s a biopic story of Jesse Owens, who traveled with his American team to represent the country during Hitler’s Nazi regime. Everything in the universe telling me that I’m exactly where I need to be.

Growing up in Rome until the age of 8, then moving to a small town three hours north of Toronto with his mom where “everyone had their doors unlocked,” Giacomo didn’t really begin to pursue acting until he moved in with his dad in Toronto.

“He’s not like a bumbling idiot; he has confidence, but he is just trying to figure it out.” Similar to his character, who is a new intern at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, the 26-year-old is fresh meat, so to speak in the city of dreams.

Henderson: I think it might have been a bit of both.

newcomer Giacomo Gianniotti, who joined the cast at the end of season 11, that is what he would call himself. “He left everything he had in Italy to come be a father to me in Canada because he didn’t have a dad,” he explains.After nailing the audition for the role, which at first was only supposed to be a couple episodes, it was announced in January that he was promoted to a series regular alongside the cast including Ellen Pompeo, Justin Chambers , Chandra Wilson and Kevin Mc Kidd. “I had a great first day, basically busting out of an ambulance, tons of medical jargon and Kevin,” he says. She is just in a state of a constant good time and is making sure everyone else is having a great time.“It’s nice to be directed by an actor.” In addition to keeping busy in his scrubs, the humble actor will be starring in the upcoming movie HELLO! She’s always pumping the latest Drake song when she walks by, dancing to it. : You joked that your nickname is Mc Dork, but do you see yourself as the new heartthrob of the show? My job is to go on and, you know, prepare my lines and connect with people.was down to him and another actor, and that Shonda Rhimes wanted to meet him as soon as he got there.In between jam sessions (he is also a musician), some fun with a Go Pro and almost losing his packed trailer on the highway due to poorly attached chains, Giacomo prepped for his audition for the remainder of their three-day journey.

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