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And that really, you know, that affects the missions.

Given the length of the transcript, you'll have to hit the jump to see it in its entirety.And yeah, I mean, one thing - it just prepared us, I think, you know, a little more as actors in general and I'm saying that is like finding your camera, you know, learning how to be comfortable in front of a camera because you don't have time to think about it. We live in a different world than the original show. We've had (unintelligible) - you know, we're in the middle of shooting and we can't remember yesterday hardly.All right, and as far as any like main people coming to the show, I know Hasselhoff was in the movie - is he coming back for any, you know, episodes or maybe William Daniels popping up somewhere, even though he wouldn't be the voice of KITT? It's - you know, I - we haven't talked about it much, but I believe there's times that we're going to have to - you know, I may have to learn from the - my predecessor. In the original show it was, you know, a drug dealer here a runaway there. They're working on cars that can drive themselves using sensors, so they will never wreck. And we're shooting multiple units at the same time.The experiences from the Fast and the Furious was just drive fast and furious - a relentless pace and that there's an audience out there for cars.We're a huge car society, so people like to tune in for cars.

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