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When I put this to Keener, she lets out an infectious, throaty laugh as if to prove how far removed she is from her characters. It doesn't go hand in hand with the mode of behaviour that's ladylike or proper or dignified.Who the hell in this world now isn't raging with good reason?If her nose is less than delicate, giving her a steely edge, she has a wide smile that would melt an ice-cap.Keener is finally showing a more insecure, caring, side." Since Being John Malkovich, the studios have woken up to the 45 year-old described by one interviewer as "gorgeously mundane".That said, most of her Hollywood roles have barely registered: a cynical TV presenter in Death to Smoochy; a studio head in S1m0ne; the gun-toting secret service partner to Sean Penn in The Interpreter.An embarrassed smile on Keener's face testified to this when the camera cut to her in the audience.Newton had inadvertently suggested an eccentricity on the part of Keener that failed to take into account just how cultured her film choices have been to date.

While she was unable to meet the real Lee, Keener consumed whatever she could on her real-life counterpart.My father's a Southern man, and it was reminiscent of things that meant a lot to me in my upbringing... Just still pictures of Lee in dungarees, smoking and laughing.And some essays she had written about how she felt about things, compassion and love and justice. She's very private and I didn't want to bug her." Keener is almost as private as Lee.By the time she was 25, she had made an appearance as a waitress in the Rob Lowe vehicle About Last Night, though her other roles "were so bad, I don't even mention them at home".By 1990, she had met her husband, the actor Dermot Mulroney.

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From her clippings, you'd think she invented her background, so fuzzy is it.

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