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Narang has practical advice: "Remain cautious and remain skeptical.If you look at some of the profiles and there's some sketchy aspects: they don't have any shared interests, the pictures are kind of risque, the tag lines are very strange, when you engage with a person and they ask you to click on links and go to a webcam, that's a scam." If you're having problems with the app, let us know in the comments.

Meaning, if you have concerns, you have to send Tinder an email or tweet.

But they all had sketchy bios and no shared interests. "I sent them messages and out of the three accounts I encountered in that string of that session, I got a reply from two of them.

And they were both the exact same reply." Narang figured it was a hoax.

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Tinder, the addictive online matchmaking tool, is plagued by fake accounts luring unsuspecting users into pricey phishing schemes.

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