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We follow Diana and Julian as they prepare for the arrival of Alex and Timo, who they have invited to their home for the weekend. As soon as she is confronted with the self-confident and ravishingly sexy Alex, her insecurity increases even more.Timo seems disinterested, a sharp contrast to the boyish excitement of Julian. It appeals to everyone's fantasy and is played out very realistic.In an essay for Out Sports, Anthony — who is also signed with BMG Models — recalled how he started pro-wrestling at age 21 but was afraid to shared that he was bisexual with anyone.In athletics in particular, he was always worried his teammate and competitors would look at him differently and 'get a terrible impression'.'I didn’t want my experience ruined because of other wrestlers thinking I got into it for the wrong (sexual) reasons,' he wrote. The ring is my sanctuary, where nothing else matters.'He was totally supportive, but warned him that other wrestlers had seen it too — so Anthony finally came clean.'I'm not going to make this a long winded post but I think it's time,' he wrote on Facebook in early January. I look forward to changing perceptions and breaking stereotypes as I continue on my journey.I have zero patience for negativity so if this bothers you please delete me.

“The brand of The League is really for these ambitious driven, young professionals that want to date other ambitious, driven young professionals,” explained Amanda Bradford, founder of The League.In 2002, Milk was called "the most famous and most significantly open LGBT official ever elected in the United States".It used to be that if you wanted to meet someone of a certain caliber, you would venture to a particular bar. And you’ll have to be driven to make it into The League – there’s a waiting list 100,000 people long.'I wanted to make a difference in people's lives,' he explained.'I realized I have a unique platform to spread awareness about ongoing issues in the world, to break stereotypes and show everyone that they can be themselves and do what ever they put their minds to no matter what their sexuality is.'I can't even begin to tell you how many people I've spoken to over the years who are hiding and suppressing themselves out of fear of being judged,' he went on.

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