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They walked back their pledge after the vote in Parliament.

A lawyer for the woman who filed the divorce papers said “She is now very relieved.

Seven News Sydney shared the video below — check it out for yourselves, but prep yourself with tissues first.It is derived from the French phrase mal à propos (literally "ill-suited"). Basically if you substitute an incorrect word for a word with a similar sound, you've made a malapropism, for example: "I resemble that remark", instead of "I resent that remark".If you want to see it in action, just read Sheridan's 1775 play ' The Rivals', and in particular the character Mrs.The couple, who remain anonymous for legal reasons, wed in 2015 at the embassy of a European nation in Australia.When they decided to split, they found they couldn’t get divorced in either country: The country that married them wouldn’t divorce them because they were not residents and Australia didn’t recognize same-sex marriage.

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